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Combined lightning current and surge arrester type 1+2 P-HM 280
multipole / mains system compliant
- Narrow dimensions of only 3 mods.
- Compact design facilitates retrofitting in existing electrical plants.
- Push-In terminal block for fast connection without tools.
- Optimal price/performance ratio.
Divisible base-unit for insulation testing
for HVC-50 and HVC-85
Insulation test for HVC-50 and HVC-85
The HCV-50 and HVC-85 conductors are the first insulated conductors used in lightning protection that can be tested for function. Here, for the first time, it is possible to determine by a simple and practical measurement that no lightning-induced insulation breakdown of the insulated cables has occurred and that they are therefore still safe and fully functional. A real innovation from the house of J. Pröpster.
- Regular insulation testing of the HVC lines
- Simple and practical implementation of the insulation test
- Permanent protection can be guaranteed
Air termination pole systeme for HVC-50 and HVC-85
free-standing resp. unsupported air termination pole systeme
free-standing resp. unsupported air termination pole systeme for HVC-50 and HVC-85
for HVC-exterior pole installation resp. meshed systems
- Transport length of the pole parts max. 2.8 m.
- Telescopic air termination rod in aluminium.
- Enormous saving of HVC conductor lengths for meshed systems.
- Significantly less time required for the installation.
- Separation distances better manageable due to shorter HVC-conductor lenghts.
Surge arrester type 2+3 P-VM 280 slim
multipole / mains system compliant
- Narrow dimensions of only 2 mods.
- Compact design facilitates retrofitting in existing electrical plants.
- Push-In terminal block for fast connection without tools.
- Combined medium and fine protection type 2+3.
- Ideal surge protection for industrial terminal devices with three-phase connection.
- Min. cross section for connection 0,5 mm².
- Standard-compliant, economic surge protection solution e.g. for residential and office buildings.
- Optimal price/performance ratio.
Multi-Quattro terminal and connecting clamp
- Just one clamp for all wire connections.
- Shortened and simplified installation – just one screw M10.
- For connection of 2 - 4 wires ø 8 mm or ø 10 mm
Space-saving combined arrester P-ZP
for mounting on 40 mm busbar system
Your benefits:
- Quick and easy installation by snapping onto 40 mm busbar systems.
- Fully compliant with the German VDE-AR-N 4100 directive to use the SPD upstream of the electric meter.
- P-ZP Ph with additional load contact.
- P-ZP Ph 3+1 having 12,5 kA (10/350 µs)/pole and 50 kA (10/350 µs) as 3+1-pole.
- Leakage-current free due to series connection of gas discharge tube and varistor.
- No follow current.
- Max. backup fuse 315 A gG
- Space-saving design with a width of 47 mm
- VDE tested quality and safety
- Optimal price/performance ratio.
Saddle clamp "Flex"
for secure connection to sheet and steel constructions
Conductor fastener for exterior air termination installation
for the HVC conductor
- Fixing the position of the HVC-conductor by exterior air termination installations in the area of the insulated support.
- Easy and quick installation by fixing with calbe tie.
Beam clip for HVC-50 and HVC-85
High voltage resistant insulated conductor
Your benefits:
- Discreet and space-saving conductor routing of the HVC-conductor on the inner sides of steel beams or profiles.
- Easy and quick installation by putting the clip on the beam.
- Ideal for the installation of the HVC-conductor on steel structures.
- Conductor holder for the loose and fixed conductor leading.
for equipotential bonding
Your benefits:
- Easy assembly without damaging the mounting rail when clamping.
- Quick installation – only one hexagon nut M8.
- Subsequent installation possible by simply swiveling the hammer head screw into the mounting rail groove.
- PV-connector „Flex“, suitable for various conductor materials corrosion-proof connection through contact plate made of stainless steel
HVC-50 conductor
High voltage resistant insulated conductor
Your benefits:
- Significantly reduced installation work and time..
-The required equipotential bonding is provided by the integrated shield braid in the conductor – no separate conductor is needed.
- Mechanical and chemical protection by light grey, UV-resistant protective jacket.
- Equivalent separation distance “s“ of 0,50 m in air.
- No additional separation distances must be observed in the base area.
Smart connector for earth rod
for the connection of round or flat conductors with the earth rod
Your benefits:
- Installation-friendly mount function - no threading necessary.
- Maximum contact safety through even contact pressure.
- Quick and easy installation – only one screw M10.
Terminal clamp "Perfect"
with two clamping jaws for the variable connection of round conductors to steel constructions - horizontal and vertical in every direction (360°) possible.
Connecting clamp for flat 40 mm
with or without clamping bracket and compression spring
- Clamp especially for the use with flat strip 40mm.
- Maximum contact reliability through uniform contact pressure.
- Shortened and simplified assembly - only one M10 screw.
- Simplified installation due to design with bracket and spring.
Combined arrester P-HF BOX
for the protection of telephone and Internet connections
- compact design
- quick and easy installation by surface-mounted box
- protection class IP 65
- universally usable surge arrester for different telecommunication interfaces, such as VoIP.
- cut-off frequency up to 250 MHz
- push-In terminal block for fast connection without tools (simple, push-in terminations of solid and ferruled conductors).
- high discharge capacity up 2,5 kA (10/350 μs) per line
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