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Surge protective arrester for the DC side of [..]
Bild: Best.Nr. 316 782
Surge arrester P-VYS R PV - Order number: 316 782
type 2, for photovoltaic systems
SPD type 2 (2+1-pole, pluggable) according to EN 61643-31, specially designed for the use in the DC side of photovoltaic systems.
Surge protective device designed as fault-resistant Y circuit with varistors and gas discharge tube.
Zinc oxide varistor with thermal control and disconnection device.
Safe fixation and contact ensured by module locking mechanism.
PU: 1 piece


Surge arrester P-VYS R PV
Earthing PV-system: not earthed systems
Max. continous operation voltage UCPV: 800 V-
Remote signalling contact: without RS
Nominal discharge current In DC+ → DC- : 20 kA (8/20 s)
Nominal discharge current In total → PE : 30 kA (8/20 s)
Max. discharge current Imax DC+ → DC- : 40 kA (8/20 s)
Max. discharge current Imax total → PE : 60 kA (8/20 s)
Voltage protection level Up DC+ → DC- : < 3.0 kV
Voltage protection level Up DC+/DC- → PE : < 1.8 kV
Dimensions: 3 mods.
Mounting on rail 35 mm according to EN 60715
Type: P-VYS 805 R PV
1 piece

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